Body Sculpting With TruSculpt – Learn the Basics

truth about Body sculpting with trusculpt

Body sculpting with TruSculpt – Is it different?

Two-thirds of adult Americans are either overweight or obese. A sedentary lifestyle and consumption of high carb, high-fat diets are the leading causes of poor weight management. Stubborn fat is hard to get rid of and can prevent you from having the body of your dreams. Sometimes even exercise and maintaining a proper diet are not sufficient to achieve your ideal body.

In such cases, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment like TruSculpt is a blessing in disguise. What is TruSculpt? Let’s find out.

TruSculpt – Understanding the Basics

  • TruSculpt is a body sculpting procedure that uses radiofrequency to melt away unwanted, stubborn fat. It is a safe and popular body contouring treatment with zero downtime and fast results. It is a painless procedure, and the patient only experiences a gentle warm sensation in the target area.

Because of its relative safety and less hassle, patients prefer TruSculpt over lasers, liposuction, surgery, and other fat-removal methods. It is also a good option for people who suffer from certain skin conditions. Usually, a single treatment is enough to get rid of stubborn fat. The fat reduction effects of this treatment will become obvious in a time frame of 6 weeks to 2 months. Once destroyed, the fat cells are absorbed by the lymphatic system and are destroyed forever.

How Does The Procedure Work?

TruSculpt procedure comprises of the following steps:

  • Before starting the procedure, the specialist will discuss your needs and goals for this procedure.
  • The TruSculpt device targets specific regions and is placed in a way that is in line with the target region. These regions may include the abdomen, chest, thighs, hips, flanks, or arms.
  • The device emits a radiofrequency. This frequency is enough to melt away the fat but does not harm the skin in the process of doing so.
  • The patient will experience a sensation similar to a hot stone massage. After the treatment, the target area may become red, but patients have reported no visible discomfort post-treatment.

A single session of the treatment usually takes 30 minutes. You can carry on with day-to-day activities after the session.

body sculpting with trusculptWho Is The Ideal Candidate for TruSculpt?

  • Anyone can benefit from this treatment. The patient should be above the age of 21, be in good health, and have a healthy lifestyle. It works for all skin types. Trusculpt can result in 24% fat reduction spanning over a period of two months. It is most beneficial for contouring the flanks, also known as love handles.

TruSculpt targets specific problem areas and is not an ideal option for people suffering from obesity who wish to eliminate large quantities of fat. It helps to tone the body. For treating obesity, liposuction is an efficient method.

Are The Results Permanent?

  • TruSculpt results in weight reduction and tones the body. The fat cells are wasted, and they cannot accumulate back. The results from this treatment can last you a lifelong granted a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Regular exercise and consuming a balanced diet are the keys to excellent weight management.

The longevity of weight reduction through TruSculpt depends on making healthy lifestyle choices.

Is It A Safe Procedure?

  • There are no drawbacks or after-effects of this procedure. It is a non-invasive treatment and is a lot safer than liposuction and surgery. TruSculpt requires no injections or anesthesia. Post-treatment, there is no visible scarring, darkening, or reddening of the skin. Hence, it is as safe as anybody sculpting procedure can be.

For more information on TruSculpt and body sculpting, contact Alladerm.

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