Dermastamping is a procedure using a micro needles that pierce the upper layers of your skin to encourage tissue formation, collagen production, and increase blood supply—without the rolling action. Dermastamping is a great for those who have problems with stretch marks, acne scars, and wrinkles.

As suggested by the name, a dermastamp works by simply stamping the head full of safe and effective micro needles onto your skin. The micro-channel needles penetrate right into the dermis or the middle layer of your skin to kick-start collagen production. When the needle tears the dermis, collagen is formed to repair and rebuild the tissues, forming a fresh new layer. Dermastamping creates very precise and uniform micro “injuries” on the skin’s top surfaces, triggering the body to respond by healing the treated areas quickly and efficiently.

The needle length you will use for the treatment will depend on how deep your acne scar or stretch mark runs, and which part of the body you are planning to use it on. Dermastamping is a good choice for when you want to even out your skin’s texture or to tone. Whether you have scar tissue on your back or shoulders or you simply want to get rid of acne marks on your cheeks and forehead.

Why should I do dermastamping?

Micro needling is preferred by many clients because it provides honest-to-goodness results that really last. These are results that you can appreciate, results that your family, friends, and colleagues will remark upon and compliment you about.

Dermastamping works simply, but delivers great results after just few treatments.

You do not have to schedule any downtime after a dermastamping treatment, and you need not apply any special topical agent other than your regular moisturizer and sunblock. Your face may look a little blotchy and reddish the morning after, but it’s a small price to pay for the long-term effects that you will reap with dermastamping.