Essentials of Growth Factors

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What are Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are a group of specialized proteins with many functions, the most important being the activation of cellular proliferation and differentiation—in other words, repair.

What are the benefits of Growth Factors?

Growth Factors have the ability to turn essential cellular activities “on” and “off”. They play a role in increasing cell functions, which include, cell division, blood vessel formation, and collagen and elastin production. The application of GF technology to skincare is helping to achieve a more youthful and vibrant look without plastic surgery or expensive cosmetic procedures. GF can also help obtain healthy, fuller-looking hair without the side effects of drugs.

Where do Growth Factors come from?

The best source of Growth Factors is human fibroblast cells. This finding has been supported by numerous scientific publications, and is considered the key cells in wound healing.

Do stem cells produce Growth Factors?

There are no scientific publications supporting the claim that stem cells produce growth factors. The inaccurate promotion of “stem cells” in cosmetic products is largely a marketing strategy used by cosmetic companies to create a “buzz” as stem cells are the new “big thing” in medicine.

Do plants produce Growth Factors?

Yes and No. Plants produce GFs conducive to their biological functions and are a completely different organism as their biology is obviously far different from humans. More specifically, our cellular biological activities are different, including the way we repair cellular damage. Therefore, any Plant GF does not work on humans and any claims made by other cosmetic companies are just marketing ploys aimed at uninformed consumers.

Do I need to be careful when choosing GF products?

Yes! Growth Factors are very specialized proteins (polypeptides) and require a high level of technology for production. In recent years, several cosmetic companies are learning the benefits of advertising GFs and are capitalizing on its forward trend. As a result, they are mixing random peptides in their product to support the claim of having GFs. These peptides yield zero benefit to the skin and may even lead to damaged or irritated skin, as the random peptides can catalyze microbial activities on the skin surface causing unwanted breakouts and even scarring.


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