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microblading and permanent makeup

What is Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

Permanent cosmetics, including microblading, is an application using tiny needles to implement pigment into the skin. This can be achieved anywhere on the skin including eyebrows, eyeliner, areola, lips, and any part of the skin that is needed to emphasize pigment. Permanent cosmetics/microblading is in fact semi-permanent and can last anywhere between 1-3 years depending on skins health and the lifestyle of the client.
    Permanent cosmetics/microblading is not meant to replace makeup completely but rather to enhance hair loss or loss of pigment including over-tweezed eyebrows, hair loss, enhancement of lashes, fading of lips and beauty marks or for the busy individual or athlete that may need to look their best at all times.

Meet our Microblading & Permanent Makeup Artist
Suzy Aoude

Certified and trained by SoftTap, a Reputable supplier and provider of the highest quality patented cosmetic pigments and based here in California. She is a perfectionist in artistry and uses only the hand method for micro-pigmentation and Microblading services for full control and less invasive procedures. “I take pride in my work because at the end of the day that’s my name on their face”. Meet Suzy and we are sure you will love her energy, positivity, and amazing artistic abilities.

She began her love for art as a child drawing animated characters and fell in love with makeup and beauty as she grew up. She is a group fitness instructor and has a background in business Accounting and an MBA from The University of Michigan. She has one daughter and two sons and spends her time enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Body Art/permanent cosmetics licensed Orange County, CA
BBP certified


The initial procedure will generally take betwen two to three hours.This will includes the time to take records, photographs, desired design and color to discuss, numbing time, preforming the procedure, and the aftercare requirements to discuss. Follow up or color refresher procedures usually do not require the same amount of time. Resluts can be seen immediatley after procedure and will appear more natural after 4-6 weeks. Results may vary but can last anywhere between 1-5 years.

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Microblading & Permanent Makeup Benefits:

  • Add hair like strokes to over tweezed brows or those who suffer from complete or partial hair loss caused from alopecia, hypothyroidism, or chemotherapy treatments, or other conditions.
  • Are dissatisfied with the shape of their lip line or eyebrows.
  • Desire smudge free, water proof eyeliner.
  • Define your lip line and add fullness and color to your lips.
  • Enjoy lip color that complements your skin and hair tones.
  • Lead an active lifestyle.
  • Need to save time in daily routines.
  • Those who suffer from allergies related to cosmetics.
  • Wear contact lenses.
  • Have vision problems that affect makeup application, experience difficulty with their close-up vision when applying makeup.
  • Have dexterity problems or arthritis making application of cosmetics difficult.
  • Have sustained burns, scars, or vitiligo
  • Increase your confidence by waking up looking beautiful every morning.

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Pre & Post Care Instructions

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, or Advil/Ibuprofen 24 hours before procedure.
  • No Sun or Tanning prior to the procedure.
  • Discontinue Glycolics, Chemical Peels, and Retin-A 4 weeks prior.
  • No brow waxing or tinting one week before.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine 24 hours before.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Following the procedure, it is recommended to apply ice packs for 10-15 minutes for the first three hours. The ice is used to minimize swelling and provide comfort. Do not take aspirin, as this promotes bleeding at the treatment sites. Over the counter pain medication is recommended for temporary pain relief.
  • Apply Bacitracin or Aquaphor 1-2 times per day for the following week or whenever the area feels dry. Keeping the area moisturized and soothed is important for color retention.
  • Stay out of the sun! If you must be out and about, wear a hat and lots of sunscreen.
  • Keep water off of your brows for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not use any face creams, exfoliants, or harsh cleansers on your brows during the healing process.
  • Avoid swimming and hot tubs during the healing process.
  • Normal activity can be resumed immediately. We recommend that heavy exercise such as aerobic dancing, weight lifting, etc. be delayed for approximately one to two days following the procedure.
  • Your procedure will begin to oxidize immediately and during the next 3-4 days. This causes pigment to become darker. Do not be alarmed, this dark color will either flake off or fade back to the color that was first implanted (during the 1st five minutes of the procedure).
  • Do not pick any scabs or dry areas that may form during the healing process, this may cause you to lose color or damage your skin.
  • Other fading or loss of pigment may occur. Some flaking off of the pigment is normal on some skin types. A touch up may be required to achieve lasting color.
  • Judgment of your final results should be deferred until one month following the procedure. Over the next two to three weeks, the pigment intensity will lighten by up to 50%. Your technician will schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure any faded areas are touched up and everything is healing properly.
  • Contact the office or seek medical attention if any concerning or unusual side effect occurs.