How To Choose The Right Provider For Your Dermal Filler Treatment?

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Learn on to discover the secrets to finding the perfect provider for your dermal filler treatment

Since dermal fillers are not a prescription-only treatment, choosing a highly qualified practitioner to administer them is essential. Although complications with dermal filler are rare, choosing an experienced provider will ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Keep reading to discover how to choose the right treatment provider.

Choose a Practitioner Based on Expertise and Training

  • Many nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who administer injectable fillers have only received training through weekend courses. While weekend courses may provide some safety basics, they do not equip injectors with the necessary facial anatomy or surgical precision knowledge. Injectors trained in this way also lack the expertise of a surgeon to evaluate patients’ unique needs.

Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, or a licensed medical professional with 3-5 years of certified plastic surgery training. These experienced professionals have undergone extensive training and have the skills to deliver satisfactory results. However, patients should avoid receiving medical procedures outside a certified medical setting, including injectables.

Consider Skills Along With The Price

  • It’s important to note that when it comes to injectable treatments, opting for a highly-skilled and qualified injector can often come at a higher cost. While it may be tempting to choose a cheaper option, patients should avoid selecting a provider based on price alone.

Skilled injectors, such as board-certified plastic surgeons or cosmetic dermatologists, have the training, expertise, and facilities to deliver the desired outcomes. On the other hand, low-cost injection treatments performed by unskilled providers at medical spas or cosmetic clinics can come with immense risks. Don’t compromise on quality for cost regarding your health and appearance.

Look for Comprehensive Treatment Options

  • Choosing an injector who offers a full spectrum of services can provide patients with more options for achieving their desired outcomes. For example, some patients are good candidates for injections, while others may require more extensive surgical interventions.

By working with an injector who offers a range of plastic surgery and non-surgical services, patients can receive personalized treatment plans tailored to their unique needs and goals. Additionally, with a wide array of available FDA-approved filler treatments, patients should look for practitioners who work with multiple substances and avoid those limited to only one or two options.

Treatment Transparency Is Important

  • Transparency is an important aspect to consider when choosing an injector for cosmetic procedures. It is essential to select a provider who is open about their process and the fillers they use and avoids hiding risks or pressuring patients into additional treatments.

An injector lacking transparency may focus more on profit than patient safety and outcomes. Patients should also avoid any practitioners who are not upfront about their level of experience and training with injectables.

Before-and-After Photos Are Crucial

  • dermal filler treatmentConsider reviewing before-and-after photos when selecting a provider for injectable filler treatments. A surgeon’s photo gallery is a powerful visual indicator of their skill and experience. Results should appear attractive and natural.

Pay attention to too subtle or obvious outcomes, which may indicate a lack of experience. Selecting a provider based solely on price or convenience can be risky. Trusting your appearance goals to a trained, respected professional is critical.

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