3 Shocking Causes of Double Chin 

what are causes of double chin

These shocking causes of double chin will leave you surprised

As we age, our body goes through certain unwanted changes which manifest themselves in different ways. A double chin is one such condition that develops due to a number of reasons. In essence, it is a thick layer of fat that is formed under the chin. For some people, it becomes more prominent and appears like a folded wrinkle. It makes the chin look bulky, hence the name double chin.

Double chin is a common condition that can occur in any age group. Although it becomes more prominent in the late ’30s and onwards. It is not a medical condition and is not caused by any underlying disease. However, it makes people self-conscious and can harm their self-image. Even though a double chin is usually associated with weight gain, this is not the only cause. There are numerous causes that can lead to the development of a double chin. Let us take a look at them.

Aging Skin

  • One of the common causes for double skin is the gradual loss of collagen and elastin from our skin. These two elements give our skin tightness and keep it firm. However, as we age, their production decreases as the skin’s ability to remain taut decreases as well. As a result, skin starts to become loose and droopy. When the skin under the jaw sags, it gives the appearance of extra fat under the chin, even though it may not necessarily be fat rather just skin that has become loose.

As we age, the effect becomes more pronounced. Even though the loss of skin elasticity is a natural phenomenon, certain factors such as poor diet, smoking, sun exposure, and poor lifestyle, in general, accelerate the aging process.

Presence of Excess Fat

  • causes of double chin

    This is the most common cause of a double chin. When we consume more sugars than our daily requirement, our body stores them in the form of fat. Fat manifests itself in different areas of the body. The face and the area under the chin are common areas of excess fat deposit. Some people have a greater tendency to gain weight and their face is one of the first areas that show signs of weight gain.

Bulkier thighs and hips can be concealed with baggier clothing, but the face is one of the most prominent areas that cannot be concealed. Hence, a double chin due to weight gain can only be rectified through a controlled diet and planned exercise.

Poor Posture

  • Poor posture especially craning and straining our necks and bending our necks forward quite often can cause a double chin. Poor posture causes the platysma muscles to weaken up. These muscles connect our neck to the chin. When these muscles are weakened, they lose elasticity and the skin around the jaws and chin starts to loosen up.

Poor posture also causes neck pain. Hence, do not crane your necks too much while straining to read from your phones or laptops.

How to Get Rid of A Double Chin?

  • Maintaining a healthy weight, correcting your posture and regular application of anti-aging serums can delay having a double chin. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, we recommend you undergo a Kybella treatment. It is a non-surgical and FDA-approved treatment that uses deoxycholic acid to remove subcutaneous fat that is formed under the chin. Kybella is an effective and painless treatment that will give you a chiseled jawline and chin.

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