6 Eyelash Extension Facts You Wish You Knew Sooner

how to master eyelash extension facts

6 eyelash extension facts that could change your beauty routine!

Beyond their natural role in protecting our eyes from sweat and dust, eyelashes have a unique power to enhance a woman’s beauty and allure. The long, lush eyelashes can add an element of charisma to the face. In the past, various methods were used for lengthening eyelashes, but eyelash extensions have now become the preferred choice. This article highlights eyelash extension facts you may not have known till now.

Eyelash Extensions Were Introduced In 1916

  • The concept of eyelash extensions began in 1916 when the renowned Hollywood director D.W. Griffith offered an actress exquisite eyelash extensions. Initially, these extensions were created by a local wig maker using human hair. Numerous attempts were made to lengthen eyelashes in the 1960s, but they all proved unsuccessful.

A technique closely resembling modern eyelash extensions was developed in 2004. It originated in Korea, where they introduced the concept of semi-permanent eyelashes. This involved attaching artificial eyelashes to the natural lashes using a strong adhesive.

They Have Gained Global Popularity.

  • Eyelash extensions are in high demand across Europe and America, with some of the finest salons in the United Kingdom and the United States offering the service. In Asia, the trend is growing as well, with countries like Japan, China, Thailand, and Kazakhstan actively using eyelash extensions. The strong interest in these Asian nations is often attributed to the Monolid eye shape, as many individuals seek to enhance their eyes through eyelash extensions.

Moreover, cities like Dubai and Cairo also have skilled eyelash extension professionals which are popular among tourists and local women. Russia has also gained recognition for its expertise in eyelash extension techniques, particularly in the popular Russian volume method, which is known and appreciated worldwide.

They Are Different From Strip Eyelashes

  • It’s important to note that eyelash extensions differ from false or strip eyelashes, commonly called falsies. Falsies are adhesive strips of eyelashes applied to natural lashes. While affordable and easily obtainable, falsies often have an exaggerated thickness, glossiness, and symmetry, making them look artificial.

In contrast, choosing eyelash extensions offers a superior means to enhance the beauty of your eyes without relying on excessive mascara. Eyelash extensions closely replicate the appearance and texture of your natural eyelashes, providing a more natural and authentic look.

They Have a Long Lifespan

  • Like natural eyelashes, eyelash extensions also have a limited lifespan. Since they are adhered to your natural lashes, they come off as the natural lashes naturally shed. The rate at which they fall out can differ from person to person.

They Are Safe

  • Eyelash extensions are generally safe for health. However, some individuals may experience an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Allergic individuals may experience swelling on the outer eyelid and inflammation on the inner eyelid surface. This irritation can lead to eyelid scratching and the breakage of the extensions.

They Follow the Natural Growth and Shedding Cycle

  • eyelash extension factsEach extension continues to follow the natural growth and shedding cycle of your lashes, living, growing, and eventually shedding. Since the extensions are attached to your real lashes, they fall out as your natural lashes shed. The overall growth cycle of the original eyelashes remains unaffected by the extensions.

On average, a person loses 4 to 20 natural lashes daily. Consequently, a similar number of eyelash extensions will also be shed. The typical duration for wearing eyelash extensions ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. It’s worth noting that the full natural lash renewal cycle takes approximately a month and a half.

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