5 Factors That Develop Double Chin

how to develop double chin 

What are 5 factors that develop double chin, and how does it hurt your self-esteem

Double chin — these two words sound intimidating to many. People often talk about double chins in a condescending tone as it does not fit the societal standards of beauty, making people feel more self-conscious. Others believe that double chins are associated with health issues, which is also not always the case.

However, before we jump to the solution, let’s talk about the factors that lead to developing a double chin.

Fat Accumulation

  • Depending on your body type, when you gain weight, the excess fat accumulates in different parts of your body. Unfortunately, this includes your face and chin. Weight gain often sneaks up on you, and if you have a broader bone structure, the weight gain on your belly or hips won’t be too prominent.

However, excess fat becomes pronounced when it is on the face. Suddenly, your hot selfies aren’t hot anymore. While baggy clothes can mask weight gain on your body, you can’t hide your face.

Posture Problem

  • Hey, are you on your phone right now? If so, that may be a cause why you have a double chin. Using our phones and laptops has led us to have a bad posture.

And neck pain isn’t the only thing that comes with it. Sitting in a bad posture for prolonged intervals can weaken the platysma muscle that connects the neck to the chin. And when the muscle gets weak, it causes sagging, which develops into a double chin.


  • Genetics also plays a part in the development of double chins. If your family members have a history of developing a double chin towards their mid-30s or 40s, you will too. Although there is no specific genetic trait that leads to double chins, there are other factors to be considered.

Other than bone structure, your genetics may include weight gain, the thickness of skin, or differences in skin elasticity, and genetic fat accumulation around the chin. Any of which could make you a target.


  • Even if you are not overweight, chances are that with time, you may develop a double chin due to the natural phenomenon of aging. As we age, our body produces less collagen. Due to this, your skin may lose its elasticity and begin to sag. The sagging skin around your neck may appear as a double chin.

And to accentuate the effect, loose muscles also play a part. It is natural to age. However, factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight and pollution can further hasten the process. So, carrying a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Face Structure

  • develop double chin Some physical features are not in our control. And this includes your facial structure. You may have noticed how some people carry excessive weight better than others. Meanwhile, others develop double chains or bulges on their body. For example, people with recessive genes and poor jawlines are more prone to create a double chin.

This is why there is a chance that people may lose all the weight they want, but they might still end up with a double chin.


  • Regardless of the usual fitness routines and being a physically fit individual, chances are a double chin is still hurting your self-esteem.  Are you tired of all the facial exercises and want to get rid of them permanently? If so, we recommend you try Kybella.

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