5 Amazing Facts About Microblading And Permanent Makeup

amazing facts about microblading

Read on to learn the astonishing facts about microblading and permanent makeup

Microblading and permanent makeup is a modern cosmetic procedure developed to enhance facial features and skin color, eliminate scars, enhance lashes and eyebrows, etc. Read these interesting facts about microblading and permanent makeup to better understand the treatment.

What Is Microblading And Permanent Makeup?

  • Permanent cosmetics, including microblading, is a revolutionary skin care treatment. In this procedure, tiny needles are used to implement pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. Microblading is specifically performed to improve the shape and maintain the fullness of eyebrows.

On the other hand, permanent makeup is the art of applying micro-pigments on the face to mimic the appearance of makeup. This can be achieved anywhere on the skin, including eyebrows and lips.

The Procedure Enhances Different Features

  • Permanent cosmetics are not meant to replace makeup completely. Instead, it helps to mitigate hair loss or loss of pigment, enhances over-tweezed eyebrows and lashes, fading of lips, and beauty marks. It is ideal for busy individuals or celebrities who may need to look their best.

Permanent cosmetics are used for enhancing the following features:


  • It can enhance the shape of the mouth and add color and definition to the lips.


  • Microblading can give your eyebrows a natural and filled feel. Small needles deliver the pigment in the eyebrow to resemble the fine hair.


  • This procedure can improve the appearance of your eyes by mimicking the eyeliner.


  • Permanent makeup can also be used for pigmenting the areola after breast reconstruction.


  • People who have scars can take advantage of permanent cosmetics for a more even complexion. Scars are matched with the surrounding skin color, making them less noticeable.

It Offers Long Lasting Results

  • Microblading and permanent makeup are semi-permanent procedures that do not wash off easily. Depending on the skin’s health and the client’s lifestyle, it can last anywhere between 1-3 years. It needs regular touch-ups to stay fresh. Exposure to harsh makeup products, sunlight, and facial cleansers, may cause it to fade quickly.

The Procedure Takes Two Hours To Complete

  • This cosmetic procedure will generally take about two hours. The duration of the procedure is based on the time it takes for consultation, photographs, discussion of desired design and color, numbing time, and the aftercare requirements.

Touch-ups or color refresher procedures usually take about 30 minutes to an hour. Results are immediately seen after the process and will be more prominent after 4-6 weeks.

It Is A Minimally Invasive Procedure

  • The procedure is not painful, and the client’s comfort is taken into consideration in every step of the procedure. For example, numbing creams are applied to the targeted areas before and during the procedure, making the treatment comfortable.

It is advised to limit the intake of stimulants such as caffeine and sugary foods before the treatment. The soothing spray is applied after the procedure to promote healing and to help fight infections.

Microblading Is Not Like The Regular Tattoo

  • facts about microbladingThe procedure may be the same as a regular tattoo but it is less deep and semi-permanent. With permanent makeup, you have a choice to change or alter the colors when desired. The equipment used in the procedure is made for fine detail work. Specific techniques are used to distribute the colors more evenly and smoothly. You can lighten, darken, and change the colors whenever you like.

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