7 Common Laser Hair Removal Myths And Misconceptions

7 laser hair removal myths

Read on to discover 7 laser hair removal myths and their misconceptions

Hair grows as a natural physiological phenomenon and has various benefits for the skin and body. However, overly apparent hair on the body looks unsightly and leads one to desire permanent hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal is an effective hair removal technique, myths, and misconceptions revolve around the treatment.

Continue reading to find out common hair removal myths and misconceptions.

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal is Painful

  • Contrary to common belief, laser hair removal is not painful. Sensations during the procedure vary significantly between individuals and their pain thresholds. Most people report a tingling sensation. While the first session may be more uncomfortable, the overall experience is comparable to waxing and does not result in bleeding.

Laser hair removal is considered safer and more efficient than waxing and other hair removal methods. In addition, several methods can be used to minimize discomfort during the procedure. These include using a cool-air fan, applying specially formulated lotions, and adjusting the laser settings. These options make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Myth 2: Laser Hair Removal is Ineffective on Dark Skin

  • Recent advancements in technology have proven this myth false. It is now possible for individuals with dark skin to safely undergo laser hair removal. However, choosing a qualified practitioner with access to the latest technology is essential. In addition, the practitioner must be registered to ensure the best results.

Myth 3: Laser Hair Removal is Excessively Expensive

  • The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the size of the treatment area. Smaller areas, such as the upper lip, will be less expensive compared to larger areas, like the back. Therefore, discussing the cost with a consultant before the treatment is advisable.

The cost of each session is reasonable. Laser hair removal is a more cost-effective solution for treating unwanted hair than continuous razor purchases.

Myth 4: Laser Hair Removal Takes Too Long to Complete

  • The typical treatment plan only requires 4-5 sessions to remove around 90% of unwanted hair. These sessions are usually scheduled every 6-8 weeks, making it possible to complete the treatment within a few months. The length of time for the treatment and duration of the treatment is ultimately up to the individual.

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal Causes Increased Hair Growth

  • Laser hair removal reduces hair growth. Each treatment causes a decrease of 10-25% in hair growth. Over time, there is a noticeable decrease in the density, thickness, and growth rate of hair. However, the hair that does grow back after treatment is often finer and lighter, making the treated areas less problematic.

Myth 6: Laser Hair Removal is Not Safe

  • This is another common misconception. The laser used in laser hair removal only targets the pigmented hair follicles and does not harm surrounding tissue. As a result, the procedure is safe and has been used successfully on millions of clients. Numerous studies support the safety of laser hair removal. As long as a qualified clinic with trained technicians is used for the treatment, there is no risk involved.

Myth 7: Pregnancy Causes Hair to Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal

  • laser hair removal mythsIt is usual for a few hairs to grow back after giving birth, even if an entire course of laser hair removal was completed before pregnancy. This is because it is impossible to target all hair follicles during treatment, and some follicles may become active again due to changes in hormone levels after childbirth. However, this typically only results in the growth of fewer hair and is not noticeable.

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