The Science Behind Use Of Oxygen In Skincare

use of oxygen in skincare

The secret to glowing skin and a deep dive into the science behind the use of oxygen in skincare

Oxygen is the most valuable ingredient that makes skincare procedures and products highly effective and customer favorites. Oxygen treatments such as intraceutical oxygen facials rejuvenate your skin and leave it fresh and plump. But how exactly does oxygen benefit your skin? Keep reading to discover the science behind the use of oxygen in skin care.

The Power Of Oxygen For The Skin

  • Research indicates that topical application of oxygen through skincare treatments promotes skin rejuvenation. It diffuses into the skin cells to speed up the healing and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, skin becomes healthy, young, and beautiful. In addition, there is clear evidence that oxygen can be delivered to the skin through skincare treatments.

A double-blind study conducted to find the effectiveness of oxygen-containing products found that topical treatments increased the amounts of oxygen in the skin tissues. In addition, it reduced the appearance of scars and increased the skin’s moisture content.

Oxygen Is Vital For Skin Rejuvenation

  • Oxygen is crucial for every cellular process. Therefore, the more oxygen, the better. The deficiency of oxygen in the skin slows cellular metabolism, resulting in dull, dry skin showing signs of aging.

Therefore, oxygen acts as the magic ingredient for unattractive and aging skin. Adequate oxygen supply to the skin cells through oxygen-based facial treatments triggers collagen production, keeping skin young and healthy.

Oxygen Moisturizes The Skin

  • Studies suggest sufficient oxygen in skin tissue produces the desirable effects we all long for. More oxygen available to cells helps retain and increase moisture in the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This results in glowing, firm, and radiant skin.

Oxygen boosts the body’s natural processes to revive the skin’s lost beauty. Oxygen also speeds up wound healing and is utilized in skincare treatments to promote cellular repair and regeneration. Treatments like oxygen facials deliver oxygen to your skin from the outside, helping your skin become radiant from the inside out.

Intraceutical Oxygen Facial Treatment

  • This specialized beauty treatment is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and nourishing skin cells. In addition, it is designed to restore the skin’s youthful appearance by replenishing oxygen levels. Intraceutical oxygen facial utilizes therapeutic oxygen under pressure to infuse a special serum into the skin. The serum comprises essential vitamins, hyaluronic acid, botanicals, amino peptides, and antioxidants that rehydrate the skin.

Intraceutical oxygen facials target dry, dehydrated, sun-damaged, and sensitive skin. It offers promising results in reducing brown spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation, and uneven texture. Most types of skin concerns can benefit from this hydrating facial treatment. Expert aestheticians recommend one intraceutical oxygen facial treatment every couple of weeks for best results.

Benefits Of Intraceutical Oxygen Facial

  • oxygen in skincareA single session of nutraceuticals oxygen facial is about 60-90 minutes long. Visible results can be seen immediately after the first treatment. Multiple treatments provide long-term effects that last for weeks or more.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of intraceutical oxygen facials.

  • Provides deep hydration and instantly visible results
  • Deeply hydrates the skin resulting in skin contour and volume
  • It lifts and tightens the skin while improving overall texture and skin tone.
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin results in youthful skin
  • Significantly reduces the signs of aging and gives your skin a glowing and radiant look
  • Treats hyperpigmentation as well as comforts dry and sensitive skin.

Satiate and revive your skin and protect it from further damage. For highly effective and customized intraceutical oxygen facial or other beauty treatments, contact Alladerm. Call us at 949-916-7166. We are located in Aliso Viejo, CA.

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