5 Supplements Every Woman Needs To Slow Down Aging

5 supplements every woman needs

Discover the 5 supplements every woman needs to take to delay aging

Even though aging is an inevitable part of human life, we all are anxious to hold onto our youthfulness for as long as we can. Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped, but that does not mean you can’t slow it down. Making essential dietary and lifestyle changes can help you a great deal in supporting healthy aging.

Read on to discover 5 natural supplements that can help you slow down the aging process.


  • Collagen is a protein that maintains skin elasticity and structure. As we age, the production of collagen declines, the skin begins to sage, and the signs of aging, like wrinkle formation, become apparent. Numerous kinds of research suggest that collagen supplements help reduce the signs of aging, such as dry skin and wrinkles.

For instance, a 12-week study in women indicated that intake of 2.5 g of collagen and biotin resulted in substantial improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, and softness.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that helps protect cells from the damage caused by toxins in the body. In addition, vitamin C also plays a crucial role in improving immune health, regulation of inflammation as well as numerous other processes. These processes work in synergy to reduce premature aging. For this reason, women must maintain an optimal vitamin C intake in their daily diet to support youthful skin and protect against age-related woes.

Studies indicate that supplementation with vitamin C greatly improves skin hydration, promotes collagen production, and safeguards skin against premature aging caused by excessive exposure to the sun. In addition to supporting skin health, evidence suggests that vitamin C supplementation improves memory, attention, immune functions, etc. However, supplementation should be considered only when the diet is low in vitamin C-containing foods.

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A plays a vital role in regulating cell regeneration and growth. Thus, making it an essential vitamin for the upper layer of skin that is more exposed to damaging elements. Vitamin A interrupts the processes that break down collagen by preventing sun damage.

Vitamin A can be obtained from food sources, including fatty fish, liver, and dairy products. Moreover, the application of vitamin A in the form of retinoids improves skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and wrinkles.


  • Zinc is a mineral that is important for a healthy, well-functioning immune system. It helps keep cell walls stable and promotes cell division. In addition, zinc repairs skin damage by rejuvenating and controlling inflammation. This can be great for preventing clogged pores that would otherwise lead to acne.

It keeps the skin hydrated and prevents dry, flaky skin. Zinc is a trace mineral because you only need a small amount of zinc daily. It is commonly found in chickpeas, oysters, lean beef, and chicken.


  • supplements every woman needsThe active compound in turmeric, curcumin, has powerful cell protective properties and potent antioxidant effects. As we age, cells stop dividing in a process called cellular senescence. These cells begin to accumulate, and as a result, the process of aging and disease progression is accelerated.

As indicated by research, curcumin activates specific proteins that cause a delay in cellular senescence. In addition, curcumin increases life span by combating cellular damage. Curcumin has been indicated to reduce symptoms of age-related diseases. You can benefit from curcumin’s anti-aging effects by using fresh or dried turmeric or by taking curcumin supplements.

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