5 Proven Ways to Tighten Loose Skin

ways tighten loose skin

Here are some top ways to tighten loose skin according to top dermatologists

As we age our body begins to show signs of aging in the form of loose skin, wrinkles, loss of skin tone, and other issues. This is related to the underproduction of collagen and elastin in the skin cells. These protein fibers play an important role in keeping the skin firm and tight. Skin tightening treatments and therapies, thereby, target these protein fibers to restore the lost firmness. We have listed some ways that can help you deal with loose skin.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments focus on different layers of skin to stimulate collagen production. Effects of the laser treatment begin to appear after 3 to 5 sessions. Visible results are observed after 6 months. Among laser treatments, Cutera Titan is the safest skin tightening treatment.

Cutera Titan

  • Cutera Titan is a non-invasive skin tightening device approved by FDA for skin tightening procedures. The deeper layer of skin known as the dermis is safely heated by the use of infrared light energy through this device. Energy from the laser is uniformly distributed throughout the skin. This process stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin thus resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

Constant cooling protects the top layer of skin during the treatment. The treatment is pain-free, clients only feel a slight heating sensation. The results last for as long as 2 years. Multiple treatments and adequate aftercare can prolong the effects of the procedure.

Regular Exercise

  • Regular physical activity and exercise is the key to optimal health and graceful aging. There are certain types of exercises that help minimize the signs of aging. A study was conducted in 2015 to observe the effects of exercise on age-related skin changes in humans.

It was noted that the exercise successfully mitigated the skin changes by inducing the production of a specific hormone and by boosting the tissue metabolism. This emphasizes that exercise plays an important role in delaying the onset of age-related skin changes.


  • Diet inarguably plays a crucial role in skin health. Certain nutritional supplements can benefit loose skin by producing anti-aging and anti-sagging effects. Some of the most effective supplements include:

Collagen Supplements

  • These supplements reduce the effects of aging by improving the skin’s moisture barrier and increasing hyaluronic acid levels. The growth of fibroblasts and collagen-producing cells is enhanced thereby strengthening collagen networks and resulting in youthful skin.


  • Antioxidants are specific compounds naturally present in fruits and certain other foods. These compounds play a substantial role in keeping the skin young by delaying the process of aging. Intake of antioxidants whether in the form of a healthy diet or synthetic supplements boosts collagen and elastin production in the skin.

tighten loose skinSome of the promising antioxidants are:

  • Vitamins A, C, D, and E
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

A healthy well-balanced diet can cater to the requirements of all the essential nutrients including antioxidants. However, taking too much of certain nutrients such as vitamin A and E in the form of supplements may negatively impact health. Excess intake of these supplements can cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, and abdominal pain.


  • Massage stimulates the production of fibroblasts and improves blood circulation. Fibroblasts are cells that produce connective tissues such as collagen and elastin to maintain the firmness of the skin. Massage also improves cellular metabolism that slows down skin aging. Massaging the area with loose skin can induce an anti-aging response by increasing the blood flow to the area.

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