What To Expect During Microneedling Treatment?

microneedling treatment like a pro

Microneedling treatment – Explore the gateway to glowing skin without leaving home

Micro-needling is a gentle cosmetic technique that utilizes the body’s innate healing response to stimulate collagen production. Whether you have cosmetic concerns like acne scars and wrinkles or aim to address specific medical conditions, microneedling has you covered. Keep reading to discover what happens before, during, and after the treatment.

What Is Micro-Needling?

  • Micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy, treats skin concerns by stimulating collagen production. In this treatment, sterilized needles create micro-punctures in the skin. This process stimulates the body’s natural wound-healing mechanism. The rush of collagen and elastin helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and improves skin elasticity and firmness.

Before The Procedure

  • Seeking guidance from a trained healthcare provider, such as a certified dermatologist, is crucial before the procedure. Since microneedling involves skin penetration and potential contact with nerves and blood vessels, the FDA recommends choosing a professional with specialized training in microneedling.

Before undergoing the procedure, assess whether microneedling is suitable for you. The FDA has approved the procedure for adults aged 22 and older. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid micro-needling if you have:

  • Active acne
  • A current herpes outbreak
  • Localized infections like warts
  • Moderate-to-severe chronic skin diseases (such as eczema or psoriasis)
  • Keloidal tendencies
  • Ongoing chemotherapy
  • Recent Botox injections in the treatment area

To prepare for the initial treatment, your provider may ask you to stop using specific topical creams like retinoids, lotions, or certain medications. Adhering to your provider’s instructions and addressing queries ensures a smooth procedure.

During Micro-Needling Session

  • Your healthcare provider will likely administer a topical anesthetic to numb your skin, ensuring a comfortable experience. Additionally, they may use an antiseptic solution to maintain a clean treatment area. Once your skin is prepared, your provider will glide a microneedling device over the designated area. Some practitioners may enhance the process by applying a topical serum, like hyaluronic acid gel, to facilitate smooth device movement.

Throughout the treatment, you should not experience any discomfort. Generally, microneedling sessions last approximately 45 minutes to one hour. Upon completion, your healthcare provider may apply a calming agent or other creams. Detailed post-treatment care instructions will be provided to ensure optimal skin recovery in the following days.

Post-Procedure Guidelines

  • After a microneedling session, your skin may require two to seven days to recover. During this period, expect minor side effects like redness and peeling, similar to a sunburn. Although rare, potential reactions include bruising or an allergic response. If you experience such symptoms or discomfort, promptly contact your healthcare provider. Following the procedure, wait 24 hours before using makeup and sunscreen. Your healthcare provider may recommend a delay before applying certain topical creams, such as retinol or alpha hydroxy acids (AHA).

Remember that your skin will be more sun-sensitive during this period, so minimize sun exposure and use sunscreen once your skin has healed further. Additional microneedling sessions or complementary treatments may be necessary based on the skin condition being addressed. Some individuals opt for monthly microneedling treatments to achieve optimal results. Collaborate with your healthcare provider to develop a tailored treatment plan aligned with your goals.


  • microneedling treatmentThe FDA recognizes microneedling as a medical procedure that should be conducted by a trained healthcare provider using sterile needles. Devices used at home or non-medical spas typically feature shorter, duller needles not designed for skin penetration as in-office microneedling devices.

Although at-home devices may enhance blood flow and create a brightening effect, they cannot produce the same outcomes as professional microneedling. Additionally, the risk of injury and infection increases without properly sanitizing these less effective devices.

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