5 Common Myths About Dermal Fillers

common myths about dermal fillers

How to bust the 5 common myths about dermal fillers and get the results you want

In recent years, dermal fillers have become one of the most effective anti-aging treatments to restore lost volume and smooth out skin wrinkles. However, many myths and misconceptions surrounding dermal fillers can create confusion. This article will discuss five common myths about dermal fillers and provide accurate information to help you make an informed decision.

Myth 1: All Dermal Fillers Have The Same Results

  • Although it is generally believed that all dermal fillers are the same, it is far from the truth. Each dermal filler is made of a different formula and has unique benefits for your skin. For instance, Juvéderm, the most commonly used dermal filler, is composed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally present molecule in the human body that retains moisture. Therefore, a dermal filler provider can help you determine which product can best help you achieve your desired aesthetic results.

Myth 2: It Will Transform Your Look

  • Another misconception surrounding dermal filler treatment is that it transforms you into a completely different person. However, this is not necessarily the case. When administered by a qualified injector, fillers enhance volume or minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles in a natural way.

In addition, fillers come in various formulations, allowing the providers to tailor the treatment according to your specific facial structure. This means you can achieve your desired results, whether fuller lips or a subtle lift to your cheeks, while still looking like your beautiful self.

Myth 3: The Process Is Painful

  • Although pain tolerance varies from person to person, most people describe the sensation of receiving fillers as a quick pinch that is generally tolerable. It is essential to note that the needle used to inject the filler is very small. In addition, if you are receiving lip fillers, which can be more sensitive, your injector may use a numbing agent to minimize discomfort.

You may not need any numbing cream for less sensitive areas like the cheeks. Furthermore, fillers such as Juvederm are formulated with lidocaine, a pain-reducing ingredient that can further minimize any discomfort you may experience.

Myth 4: They Are the Same As Neurotoxins

  • Another misconception about dermal fillers is the belief that they are the same as neurotoxins. Although both are injectable treatments, neurotoxins, and dermal fillers are distinct substances with different functions.

Neurotoxins temporarily relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines, while dermal fillers add volume to certain areas of the face, such as the lips, cheeks, or laugh lines. Therefore, to enhance facial volume, dermal fillers are the best option.

Myth 5: They Have A Long Downtime

  • myths about dermal fillersSome people falsely believe that the dermal filler procedure is a plastic surgery requiring significant downtime. However, this is not true. While a plastic surgeon may administer dermal fillers, they are not technically considered a surgical procedure. Dermal fillers are classified as a minimally invasive treatment. After the appointment, you can return to your normal daily routine.

Your provider may advise avoiding alcohol consumption, excessive heat or sun exposure, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours following the injection. It is also possible to experience mild swelling or bruising at the injection site, so it is important to schedule your appointment accordingly. After the filler has had time to settle, you will be left with beautiful, natural-looking results.

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