10 Compelling Benefits Of Red-Red 360 Treatment (Part 1)

benefits of red-red 360 treatment

Here are the top red-red 360 treatment features and benefits for your body and skin

Red-red 360 is a microchip-based treatment that uses specific wavelengths of red light to stimulate cellular function. It is a safe treatment for several conditions affecting skin and body. Red-red 360 treatment is growing in popularity because it is simple and relatively inexpensive. Here are some of the amazing benefits of red-red 360.

Skin Rejuvenation

  • The process of aging leads to the underproduction of collagen and elastin resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Red-red 360 treatment can stimulate the body’s natural production of new collagen thereby helping you fight signs of aging without going under the knife. Many skin experts recommend laser therapy as a way to keep age-related skin issues at bay.

Red-red 360 can help reverse the visible signs of aging and allow you to maintain a youthful appearance. In a 2002 research review, it was found that red light when applied twice a week for 2 to 3 minutes significantly reverses aging by stimulating collagen production.

Promotes Weight Loss

  • People who work out usually have two goals in mind, to lose fat or to gain muscle mass. Red light therapy can help you achieve both since it increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and nutrients which improves recovery. This helps to burn more calories thereby allowing you to shed more weight in a short duration.

This is especially beneficial for individuals who want to gain muscle mass and improve their athletic performance. The treatments also increase endurance without overtraining. Furthermore, this therapy can stimulate the cells to produce human growth hormone which is associated with fat loss and muscle gain.

Repairs Damaged Skin

  • Another plus about red-red 360 therapy is its ability to reduce acne scars, brown spots, and wrinkles. For repairing skin damage, high-intensity light therapy is effective because it promotes cellular growth and repair. This type of light therapy triggers the regeneration of healthy skin cells, speeds up metabolism, and increases energy production.

Red light therapy is recommended by dermatologic experts for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. It works by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. This is also useful in the treatment of skin conditions that involve inflammation such as eczema.

Scar Removal And Wound Healing

  • red-red 360 treatmentThose of us who have scars know how hard it is to live with them. The unsightly scars can make you look older and can negatively impact your self-esteem. It has been proven that individuals who undergo treatment with red light have shown improvements in scar quality and appearance. It is helpful for burn scars as well.

After the treatment, the scars appear smoother, flatter, and less pigmented. It is also beneficial for minimizing stretch marks related to pregnancy. Moreover, the treatment with red light can speed up wound healing through faster cell proliferation. Red-red 360 is, therefore, an excellent treatment for eliminating scars.

Faster Hair Growth

  • Red-red 360 can be a perfect solution for those suffering from hair loss. The specific wavelengths of infrared light stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall. Studies have revealed that this therapy is effective in the treatment of male pattern baldness. 90 % of patients experienced significant hair growth after undergoing treatment with red light.

Hair-producing cells within the follicles are activated by wavelengths used in red light therapy. This process helps increase the blood flow to the hair follicles thereby reducing stress and inflammation. As a result cell regeneration and hair growth take place. Positive results can be seen within three months of the treatment.

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